Civil Practice Areas

  • Divorce, Custody, Family Law
  • Business Law
  • Diminished Value Claims
  • Litigation
  • Estate Planning
  • Employment Law

Oregon Family Law

Going through divorce or child custody issues in Oregon are never easy and can even be traumatic. At Holland Law, LLC our Portland area family law attorney will be sensitive to your needs while at the same time zealously acting to protect your legal interests. Whether you are in the midst of domestic violence or seeking custody of your children we will be there for you. The areas of Oregon Family Law we can provide you with assistance are Divorce/Separation, Child Custody Matters, Child Support Payment Matters, Uncontested Divorce, Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships, Property Agreements and Post-Judgment Modifications.

Planning for Existing Oregon Businesses

If you have already established a business your job is still not done. At this stage it is very important to take steps to help ensure a smooth operation. We at Holland Law, LLC would be happy to sit down and explain the various ways to mitigate the possibility of future problems. Some of the ways we can assist you are in understanding the relevant employment laws for hiring and termination, developing an employee handbook, spotting the internal warning signs which lead to financial problems, creating a company policy regarding internet use, negotiating financing documents, protecting your company's intellectual property, drafting effective non-competition agreements and so on. It truly is important to take steps to ensure your business and investment are set up to succeed. Talk to our Portland area business law attorney today.

Oregon Incorporation

Business entity formation is more complicated than it would appear. There are several things to consider. What type of Oregon business entity will be most beneficial to you? How do you properly register your business name? What types of filings does the Secretary of State require? How best do you limit your personal liability? What is the best way to divide ownership rights and interests? At Holland Law, LLC our Portland area business law attorney will help you navigate the initial formation of your business entity. We will take the time to explain things like the difference between an Oregon LLC with its Operating Agreement and an Oregon Corporation with its Bylaws. We believe Small Business ownership is a great American value and we would be honored to assist you on this journey.

Oregon Diminished Value Claim

When purchasing a motor vehicle, people do not want to buy a car or truck that has been involved in a past accident. And even if they are going to buy a repaired vehicle, they are going to offer much less compared to if the vehicle had no damage history. This is known as diminished value. If you have a vehicle that was significantly damaged in an accident you have suffered diminished value. Even if the repair shop has done an excellent job with the repairs you still have diminished value. A repaired vehicle will always be worth less than a similar vehicle which was never damaged. Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely pay this diminished value during the claim process. At Holland Law, LLC our Portland based diminished value claim lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and if necessary go to court for the money you are owed from the insurance company.

Oregon Contract Creation and Review

Our Holland Law, LLC contract law attorney has the experience to help you draft or review many different types of contracts. Some of the various types of contracts we have created or reviewed for business entities and individuals include LLC Operating Agreements, LLC Articles of Organization, Buy-Sell Agreements, Commercial Leases, Real Estate Contracts, Confidentiality Agreements, Non-Competition Agreements, Employee Separation Documents, Oregon DEQ Compliance Documents, Non-Solicitation Agreements, Heavy Equipment Leasing and Financing, Partnership Agreements, Assignment of Lease and Uniform Rental Agreements. Our experienced Portland based contract law attorney is ready to meet your needs.

Oregon Estate Planning

Our law firm takes protecting your loved ones very seriously. Oregon Estate Planning includes formulating strategies to protect your assets, distributing the assets along your final wishes and otherwise making sure your family is cared for in the event of your death. Far too many families put off sitting down and discussing the security of the ones they leave behind. Many of the families that have taken the right steps have let years pass and have not updated their Estate Planning documents. At Holland Law, LLC our estate planning attorney can provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your final wishes will be adhered to and that your family is secure. The services we provide are Wills and Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Revocable Living Trust, Testamentary Trusts, HIPAA Release and Charitable Trusts.

Oregon Employment Law

Sadly, many Oregonians who work hard for a living are still subjugated to discrimination and harassment at their place of work. With added anxiety from the current economic uncertainty, it can be a very scary thing to stand up and protect your rights. With the help of Holland Law, LLC you do not have to continue to be a lone voice pursuing those rights. We will be right there by your side. You do not have to endure inappropriate workplace conduct in order to keep your job. You do not have to keep quiet about ongoing harassment. You can put an end to it. The areas of Oregon Employment Law that we can help you protect your working rights include Wrongful Termination or Discharge, Workplace Discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age, Retaliation from Management, Hostile Work Environment Complaints and Claims, Wage and Hour disputes, Lost Wages and Non-Competition Clauses. Please contact our Portland based employment law attorney today.